Here are some videos that relate to the 1964 flood.

The Automobile Club of Southern California video on the 1964 flood. Here is the youtube link.

The NorthWestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society news reel narrated by CE Neal. Here is the youtube link.

Description: Aerial footage of the flood’s impact, as well as on the ground footage of rising rivers and the recovery effort.

Description: Two films are on one 16mm reel. The first features aerial footage of the 1964 Flood. The Christmas Flood of 1964 was a major disaster affecting much of the Pacific Northwest. The second film is the dedication of the Tunnel on CA Route 199, known as the Redwood Highway, near the Oregon border. Present at the dedication are Senators Clair Engle and Randolph Collier.
Note in can: 1) 1964 Flood – Appears to have been shot a day or two after flood – Eel River, Highway 101, Pepperwood, Scotia Lumber, bridges, farms, etc. 2) Dedication of tunnel Highway 199, Cal/Ore. Senators Claire Engle, Randolph Collier.

Description: Notes in can: Farm destruction in Eel River Valley, dead cattle. Arcata airport – heavy traffic – control tower. Scotia Mill. Army aircraft. Downtown Scotia. West. Highway destruction. Rescue work of county. Helicopter.

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  1. Donna Rae Hays

    Wonderful that this remembrance is occurring. I was at Hoopa for that dreadful event, water to the ceiling of home. Was never able to go back. I have seen one photo of Hoopa, there is some snow on the ground, so it was a few days afterwards. Do you have other photos of the flooding on the Trinity, Klamath and Salmon Rivers. I hope you do not forget these areas, the damage was just a devastating.

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